4 Questions to Ask your Cosmetic Dental Surgeon

Cosmetic surgeons specialize in comprehensive smile makeover treatments to help individuals gain their self-esteem and confidence for a productive life. They more than just smile experts; they are experienced in cosmetic dentistry with more than a decade of experience that equips them to make the right judgment to ensure satisfactory results.

Cosmetic dentistry is a complex domain in dentistry and therefore requires specialized training and experience for a good result. Professional medical facilities have the advanced equipment to handle some of the most complex cosmetic dentistry operations. They utilize the right tools and techniques to ensure results that have no potential post-surgery effects.

Cosmetic dentistry covers all the major smile makeover treatments, including:

  • Lumineers
  • Teeth whitening
  • Veneers
  • Invisalign
  • Orthodontics

Specialized cosmetic consultants can help you understand the costs and benefits of the mentioned treatments so you have a better idea regarding the treatments and their potential results.

4 questions to ask your cosmetic dental surgeon

  1. I don’t like my smile, what are my best options?

This is the first thing you should be asking your cosmetic dental surgeon. It is important to understand that smile makeover treatments are extremely specialized which means that you will need a treatment that is specific to your dental problem. So, book a consultation and ask your cosmetic dental specialist about the many cosmetic treatments and get a quick exam to see which one will fit you the best.

  1. How much time it will take for the smile makeover? Or how much time I need off from work?

After you and your dental surgeon have decided about the kind of treatment that you need, the next thing to confirm is the time required for the procedure and the healing. Based on that you can take time off from work and allow yourself to heal properly before resuming daily activities.

  1. Can cosmetic treatments cause tooth sensitive?

Your dental specialist will have to review your medical history to understand whether certain medication can cause tooth sensitivity. Ask your dentist beforehand to avoid any complications later.

  1. Do the cosmetic dental materials toxic? Do they impact my health in any way?

Generally, no dental material utilized during smile restoration causes any harmful effects on the overall body. But based on your specific treatment and the medications used for it, ask your dentist if the treatment will have any negative effect on your body or health.

How to choose a cosmetic surgeon?

Professional and highly specialized cosmetic surgeons work through a meticulously thought out approach to give patients the best possible care before, during and after the procedures. They utilize effective cosmetic dentistry methods to produce the results that are closer to what you expect. And, most importantly, they have substantial testimonials to back their claims. So, before choosing the right cosmetic dental surgeon, make sure that you check their background in cosmetic dentistry and the testimonials provided by their past patients.

Final thoughts: Smile makeover treatments can significantly enhance your appearance, but it’s your responsibility to talk to your dental surgeon and clear out any confusion that you may have. Ask questions and make sure you understand the procedure that you are about to undergo.