5 Things that you need to know about Mouthwash for Daily Oral Rinse

Who doesn’t love the fresh minty breath after a mouthwash swig? It can surely give you an exhilarating start for the day; however, mouthwash may not be as beneficial as some pharmaceutical companies may make it seem. Some ingredients in the various mouthwash brands can be harmful to gum health and even become the cause of oral cancer. Read on to find the 5 most crucial things that you must know about mouthwash.

Before we get started with our list, let’s first understand what ingredients make a regular mouthwash. The most active ingredients in a regular and therapeutic mouthwash include chlorhexidine gluconate, hexetidine or Chlorhexidine, triclosan, benzalkonium chloride, Benzydamine, domiphen bromide, Flouride, Betadine, hydrogen peroxide, zinc, herbs, edible oils, and other natural ingredients.

Here are the 5 things you need to know before picking a mouthwash brand:

  1. Cosmetic vs. Therapeutic Rinses: Cosmetic rinses are usually not prescribed and be easily purchased over the counter for regular use. They remove dental debris and can be utilized after brushing and flossing. Therapeutic Rinses, on the other hand, are evaluated by the FDA and have an ADA approval seal. These are usually prescribed by your dentist in Dubai and help fight gum diseases and other dental problems that may be a cause of unhygienic dental habits.
  2. It fights gum disease: It probably goes without saying, most mouthwash products are designed to fight the plaque, debris, and bacteria that can become a severe dental disease, like gingivitis, in the future.
  3. It Eradicates Cavities: Fluoride is known for its powerful capabilities that reduce demineralization. Research shows that a mouthwash with active Fluoride ingredient can actually eliminate and prevent cavities. In fact, it has been proven through various clinical studies that a Fluoride rinse can prevent tooth decay.
  4. It heals mouth sores: Most dentists in Dubai recommend daily use of mouthwash to calm the inflammation of mouth sores. For sores, therapeutic mouthwash is always recommended, but before you start, do not forget to get your doctor’s advice. Some active ingredients may leave a strong burning sensation in your mouth that may not always mean that sores are healing.
  5. It has been linked to Oral Cancer: This may come as a hard brick in the face for those who use international mouthwash brands, but it is important to consider the cons of using mouthwash with alcohol as your daily oral rinsing solution. Over the past few decades, specialists have debated over the most active ingredient in international mouthwash brands—

alcohol— and its link to oral cancer. ADA has approved a few brands after reviewing and testing the effectiveness of the alcohol component in them; however, there are a lot of other brands that may contain more alcohol content. While purchasing a mouthwash for your daily use, make sure that it is FDA and ADA approved. You can choose local brands in Dubai to avoid the risk.

If you feel like that you need to utilize a therapeutic mouthwash, make sure that you first consult with a dentist or dental care provider. For everyday breath freshness, you can opt for a reputable brand of mouthwash that does not contain any strong ingredients. Not a fan of strong mouthwash tang? Try salt and water for a quick debris removal.