5 Tips to Recover from Oral Surgery Quickly

Preparing for oral surgery is an important step as it allows you to eliminate the possibility of infections and other complications. Not knowing the proper way to handle your post-surgery complications can lead to a bigger problem that may cost more time and money. Although oral surgery procedures in Dubai are designed to help you get back to work as soon as possible, it is not always easy to get back to work right after the surgery. Here are some of the tips you should absolutely consider in order to ensure a quick recovery from an oral surgery.

Avoid driving

Oral surgeries usually involve sedation that can sometimes make you dizzy and cause headaches that may become a hindrance in driving. So it is advised that you bring somebody along during the surgery and relax for the first few hours. If you must drive by yourself, make sure that you stay at the hospital for a couple of hours until you feel properly conscious.

Follow your specialist’s instructions

Regardless of what type of oral surgery you had, you always need to ask your specialist about the special care that is required for quick and safe recovery. For tooth extractions, the self-care instructions may differ as compared to dental implant surgery. Carefully understand the care procedure before leaving the hospital.

Put ice on the surgical site

In the first few hours, do everything to stop the bleeding, if there is any. Bleeding is usually the outcome of wisdom tooth or general tooth removal procedures. Your specialist will place a cotton ball or a gauze on the surgical site to stop the bleeding, but that won’t be enough, you will have to immediately put ice on the surgical site to stop the bleeding. Research shows that bleeding time can elevate if the body temperature is high. So, applying ice to the surgical site can significantly reduce the bleeding.

Keep an eye out for infections

Surgical sites are prone to infections and can easily get infected. If you have had a wisdom tooth removed, make sure to clean the site every day after food intake as food particles can easily get lodged into the hole left by the tooth removal. It will take about two weeks for the gum tissue to heal and combine so during this time you will have to keep the site clean to avoid any complications.

Avoid foods that may irritate the site

Hot, cold and spicy foods may irritate the site, so in the first few days avoid foods that may cause pain and irritation. These foods can include hot coffee, tea, highly spicy foods, alcohol and processed foods with sauces.

Final thoughts

Oral surgical procedures may not hurt due to sedation but they pose a significant risk of infection that may cause bigger problems.  In order to ensure a quick and successful healing, it is important that you prepare for your surgery beforehand and learn about the precautionary measures that can help you keep the site clean and protected from oral complications.