As a dentist, I have often encountered some mistakes which the patients tend to make. Here are some of them with ways to correct them. Have a look!

  • Being afraid of the dentist!

Ogden Nash says in his poem, “Some tortures are physical and some are mental, but the one that is both is dental.” Needless to say, this is a common belief that exists in the society. It is time we change it. Dental health, as we may know has a direct impact and correlation to the total body well-being. Instead of being embarrassed or humiliated to visit the dentist, get out of your comfort zone and find the right dentist. A good dentist will make you feel comfortable, listen to your problems and devise a suitable treatment plan. He/she will subsequently explain you all the dental procedures in a way you understand them instead of making you feel ashamed of your teeth! A dental visit should no longer be a trauma or a stimulus for an anxiety attack!

  • Not being aware of the dental specialist you need to see!

Dentistry has numerous specialties which include endodontist (root canal specialist), restorative dentist (fillings), oral and maxillofacial surgeon (removal of wisdom tooth), orthodontist (alignment of teeth), implantologist (fix new teeth in the bone), periodontist (gums), pedodontist (children’s dentist), oral pathologist (works in the lab with microscope to find dental tumors), oral radiologist (specialist in dental x rays). Just like the medical field where-in we have a specialist for every part of our body. Its mandatory for you to know which specialist you need to see! Just like you cannot visit and gynecologist for ear pain! By knowing your specialist, you can be sure that you are under the supervision of a well-trained practitioner who has spent a minimum of 9 years in training for the same. A general dentist usually refers you to the right specialist when required.

  • Brushing too hard

Vigorous brushing horizontally over your teeth and gums can cause unwanted exposure of the roots of the teeth, gum recession and wedge-shaped lesions on your teeth called abrasion. This in turn will lead to an annoying, mild to severe sensitivity of teeth to cold. Right brushing technique with gentle pressure will help your teeth and gums stay clean without untoward changes.

  • Flossing too hard

Forcing the floss between the teeth will lacerate the gums and cause bleeding and injury to the healthy gums. Gently wiggle your floss between the teeth with a back and forth movement so that you achieve the maximum benefits of flossing.

  • Self-help for dental pain

Do not ignore your dental pain or self-medicate to avoid visiting the dentist. The sooner you visit your dentist the easier it becomes for your dentist to save your tooth from disaster! Some pain in the mouth may be because of an abscess which may worsen when not treated. The reason not to wait and see is simple: once damage is done to a tooth, it never gets better.

  • Not being ready to spend for dental treatment because it’s too expensive!

It’s your mouth! Your smile is first thing which is evident when you present yourself to anyone. And as mentioned earlier oral health directly influences the body health and vice versa. So, do not worry too much about your pockets getting lighter because its ultimately for your own teeth. A great smile is worth getting. After all, your smile is what makes life beautiful for you and for the world around you!