6 Ways to Take Care of Your Mouth When You Have Flu

Taking care of your oral hygiene is quite simple unless you are hindered by the seasonal cold or flu that obstructs your nasal pathway and at most times makes it difficult for you to breath. Oral hygiene can be hard to maintain when you can’t really breathe but does that mean you should quit maintaining your oral health until the flu clears away?

Absolutely not!

Oral well-being goes hand in hand with overall well-being and you may find this hard to believe but good oral hygiene can actually exterminate the bacteria and help you heal and recover faster. Here are some tips to help you heal during that time of the year.

Stay Hydrated

This probably goes without saying: you have to keep yourself hydrated in order to ensure that your body dispels toxins that disrupt the natural balance of your body. Here are just a few benefits of drinking ample water during flu or another sickness:

  • It increases energy
  • It removes fatigue
  • Flushes out various toxins
  • Maintains body regularity
  • Boosts immune system to combat sickness

Choose Cough Drops Carefully

Make sure to read the label before using the cough drops. Most pharmaceutical companies offer sugar-coated cough drops or sugar infused cough drops that may cause cavities. Choose sugar-free cough drops for cavity-free recovery.

Use Alcohol-based Mouthwash

Alcohol-based mouth ash should be a part of your daily oral hygiene routine. During flu season, it becomes an absolute necessity. Alcohol is known to combat bacteria that cause periodontal disease. This cannot only help you eradicate the germs resulting from bacterial infection but will also help you keep the mouth clean and feeling fresh.

Choose Fluids Carefully

Avoid fluids that contain sugar and stick to water and hot beverages. Sports drinks are a great way to increase your energy levels during flue or any other sickness, but make sure that the drinks do not contain lemon or sugar. Lemon can irritate the throat and cause irritation while sugar content can cause cavities. Always read the label to ensure that the ingredients do not contain sugar. You can also make homemade energy drinks with fruit smoothies.

Clean your Brush Properly

After brushing, make sure that aren’t any food particles attached to the bristles. Wash your brush properly. Your toothbrush can easily take in the infectious bacteria that can regenerate your mouth and bring back the infection that you have tried so hard to get rid of.

Be Careful with Medication

Seasonal flu and nasal obstruction can go away on its own. Sometimes, all you need is rest and natural remedies to clear out phlegm. In case, it is a bacterial infection, you need to consult with your doctor immediately and follow the medication prescribed.

Final thoughts: When it comes to seasonal flu or allergies, you need to take care of your oral wellbeing even more! Why? Because proper maintenance can help with the bacterial infection and keep your mouth bacteria free so you can heal and recover quickly. In addition, remember that even after your body has recovered fully, the virus can reoccur if you are not careful about cleaning your toothbrush.