Amalgam free dentistry

When you live in an era with constant exposure to harmful chemicals, the benefits of a mercury-free dentistry are extensive. It is shocking for many patients to learn those amalgam fillings, also known as “silver” fillings, can consist of nearly 55 % mercury. For those who are striving to live a healthy lifestyle, it is frustrating to know that even substances restoring teeth can contain harmful components.

At our mercury free dentistry, we know the danger that comes from amalgam fillings. We strive to offer our patients safer options that not only benefit their teeth but also their entire well-being


Some studies find amalgam fillings to be unsafe. Regardless of what other sources state about the safety of the amount of mercury in fillings, once someone places them into the teeth, amalgam is no longer stable. Once complete, it continually releases a mercury vapor into the mouth and body. Mercury is bioaccumulative, meaning that releasing more mercury adds onto the mercury already in the body.

The mercury concentrates the substance in order to cause persistent harm to the patient. Even if the mercury does not visibly affect you, developing fetuses are much more susceptible to the toxic effects of mercury in the body, and they could be born with damaged neurological systems. Amalgam fillings can actually harm the teeth. Since silver amalgam fillings require a larger area for support, placing these fillings requires the removal of healthy tooth structure. As more the process removes more of the natural tooth, the tooth becomes weaker overall.

Even after placing these fillings to prevent further decay, the tooth is at risk for more damage, such as cracking due to the expansion of the amalgam. The tooth can also crack due to consistent use because amalgam creates a chisel-like pressure that gradually wedges deeper into the tooth.


At our office, we offer durable filling options that are safe for use in a patient’s mouth. Our fillings do not produce harmful chemicals that enter the body and can potentially hurt the patient. Instead of amalgam, we use other options, like composite resin and glass ionomers. These materials are not only healthier for the body and the environment, but they are also tooth-colored and less noticeable.

We reinforce composite resin and glass ionomer fillings with strong materials that allow them to last for years to come. We can customize the color of these fillings to closely match the patient’s teeth. Both of these options require less removal of the tooth structure, allowing the teeth to remain naturally strong. The fillings we offer at our mercury free dentistry do not act as a wedge and crack the teeth. Our fillings are strong but also share malleable properties with the bone that allows them to take enough pressure to not cause harm to other teeth.

We strive to provide our patients with the best and safest materials at our mercury free dentistry. We guarantee our fillings are not harmful to you or the environment. Our materials are equally strong, attractive, and beneficial.