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Looking for a Mercury free Dentist in Dubai?

We have hear a lot about Mercury Free dentistry in Dubai, but what it really is? Have you ever asked yourself why amalgam fillings are bad to your health and to our environment?

Today, Dr.Ehab’s Dental Clinic, Dubai would like to make it clear for everyone as it is devastating that not many people are aware what is amalgam and what it is causing to our body.


Amalgam is a real threat to our environment .

Amalgam is a bigest cause for water pollution thought water from a dental clinic releases and human waste too, as well dental clinic emissions, land fertiliser. In a dentistry mercury converts even more toxic forms. Methylmercury is a major cause of the fish having lots of mercury in it.

Dental Mercury in our environment can cause many problems with a people health like brain damaged, specially for unborn babies and small kids.

No. 2

Amalgam danger our health

Dental Amalgam fillings is a big health risk for people with a kidney problems, children etc.

Amalgam emits mercury vapor even after it is implanted into the body. This mercury is bioaccumulative, and it crosses the placenta to accumulate in fetuses as well. Amalgam fillings requires a very big amount of the tooth to be removed. On top of that, amalgam fillings – which expand and contract over time – crack teeth and once again create the need for still more dental work.

At Dr.Ehab’s Dental Clinic, Dubai we use a special system to removed amalgam fillings and perform a toxic free composite fillings instead. Dr.Ehab’s Dental Clinic specialised and qualified in replacing an amalgam fillings, as we are using a toxic free dental material as well as the special way of removing an amalgam. Our Dentist trained to do that with a special training for it.

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