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A Brief Guide to Root Canal Treatment in Dubai

The Procedure of Root Canal Treatment

Are you having a toothache that just doesn’t go away? If yes, you may need root canal treatment.

Most toothaches are usually temporary and can go away on their own. But if you are experiencing a toothache that doesn’t go away on its own, you may be suffering from a tooth infection. Tooth infections normally do not go without a treatment and require medication. Root canal treatment is utilized to extract the infected root to clear away infection and retain the tooth’s structure and functionality. Read more


3 Quick Dental fixes for a Quick Smile Makeover

Dental Crowns, Fillings, and Bridges

Are you happy with the way your smile appears?

If not, there are plenty of things you can do to create a flawless smile that can not only improve your appearance but also help you regain the confidence that you may have lost as a result of a chipped smile. This post looks at the three most commonly utilized and effective fixes for smile makeover treatments in Dubai to help you get a good understanding of how you may approach the process.Read more


How to prevent Gum disease (Gingivitis and Periodontal disease) before it becomes severe

A Brief Guide to Gum Disease (Gingivitis and Periodontal disease)

Did you know that around 750 million of the world’s population suffers from dental problems including Gingivitis and periodontal disease (gum disease)? According to a recent research study, dental problems have substantially increased in the past decade due to processed food consumption, medications and lack of oral health. Gum disease can cause serious dental issues, including tooth loss and tissue damage if left untreated. To help you understand it better, this post looks into the disease and its prevention in detail.Read more


Do you Need Dental Implants? Here are the Signs to watch out for

Are you tired of your dentures? Are your teeth causing you pain and self-esteem issues that you can’t resolve otherwise? If you have clicked on this blog post, you have probably been searching about Dental implants and wondering whether they can offer a long-term solution for your teeth problem. We have outlined the six most prominent signs that may indicate the need for implants. Read below and see if you have any of the following signs.Read more


The Role of Dental Veneers in making your Smile Beautiful

How to get a beautiful smile with veneers

A beautiful smile goes a long way in helping you become a confident individual. It essentially helps you be the best version of yourself with self-assurance and self-confidence that are necessary for successful life.

Would you like to get an impeccable smile without a hassle of painful surgeries?Read more


Dental Restoration: Usage of Dental Crowns, Bridges, and Fillings

Do you think your teeth could use a little upgrade for a brighter smile?

If so, there’s a lot you can do to improve and maintain your smile through simple smile makeover procedures. Dental restoration is a comprehensive process for restoring the outlook of your teeth to bring back the symmetrical natural tooth structure. Most of the time these restorations include dental crowns, bridges, and fillings to maintain the structure of the teeth. These restorations are quick and painless so you don’t have to take off from work. Let’s see under what circumstances you can use dental, crowns and fillings to maintain the outlook of your teeth.Read more


Discussing your Tooth Replacement Options with your Dentist in Dubai

Most adults go through that period in life where they have to learn to live without their original teeth. Most people experience this due to appalling accidents, injuries, and dental diseases that cause unrepairable damage. However, thanks to the advancements in dentofacial orthopedics, you can easily get tooth replacements and implants to regain your beautiful smile. In this article, we have highlighted why it’s important to discuss your tooth replacement options with your orthodontist in Dubai.Read more


5 Things that you need to know about Mouthwash for Daily Oral Rinse

Who doesn’t love the fresh minty breath after a mouthwash swig? It can surely give you an exhilarating start for the day; however, mouthwash may not be as beneficial as some pharmaceutical companies may make it seem. Some ingredients in the various mouthwash brands can be harmful to gum health and even become the cause of oral cancer. Read on to find the 5 most crucial things that you must know about mouthwash.Read more


How to Find the Right Dental Specialist for Restorative Fillings in Dubai

Myriad options for Restorative fillings in Dubai

Dental restoration is a century old treatment utilized by dentists all around the world to restore the appearance and regain the normal functionality of a tooth structure. In Dubai, myriad dental clinics offer a plethora of dental restorative options that can help you rebuild and regain the momentum of tooth structure for a normal functionality without going through the comprehensive surgical procedure. This article looks at the various options available within restorative dentistry, and how you can utilize them to improve dental structure.

Read more