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How to keep your dental hygiene healthy all the time

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At Dr.Ehab’s Dental Clinic, Dubai we always explain our patients how to keep their teeth healthy and shining during the day time.
Before we start talking about scientific facts We would like to say that in general it is always advisable to avoid eating sugary foods or carbs, as well as it will be better if the patient can avoid drinking  Carbonated soft drinks, candies, each of these types of foods turns into the acid inside the mouth, dentist called  it  as the dental plaque.

Dentist at Dr Ehab’s Dental Clinic, Dubai  highly advising to brush the teeth each time patient is eating or drinking any soft drinks, as its help to prevent the bacteria growth inside the mouth.

In order to have a healthy teeth we need to consume  foods rich in calcium, phosphorus, Vitamin D, in order to achieve the best result of getting these vitamin we will need to consume lots of milk products, broccoli, cheese etc.

Our important advice to the patient is to brush the teeth before bed as it is a time when the bacteria is growing inside the mouth, use the mouthwash, good quality of tooth pastes ( with a fluoride or without).

At Dr.Ehab’s Dental Clinic, Dubai we highly recommend to  visit your dentist for an annual check up every year, ideally it is good to do it twice a year. As in case of any complications or any problems which your teeth has.

Also, it is advisable to do an annual full teeth Scaling and Polishing, as this way you will be removing the plaque which is accumulated on your teeth while you were eating an acidic food. Preferably, it is good to come for a simple scaling and polishing twice a year. Then in this case you wont need to do a deep scaling and polishing but just a quick and very simple one.

This Month at Dr.Ehab’s Dental Clinic, Dubai we have a dental special for Simple Scaling and Polishing just for AED 250, valid till December 6, 2016.

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Ramadan and your Oral Health

The Holy Month for Muslim people is an important month for fasting and reconnecting with God.
Despite of religious fasting it is vital to take care of the dental hygiene after breaking the fast.
Dr Ehab Rashed ( A dental surgeon and cosmetic specialist at Dr.Ehab’s Dental Clinic, Dubai) is suggesting to keep in mind these 7 tips in order to maintain a good dental hygiene in Ramadan.


1. Make sure you brush your teeth immediately after eating your first meal.

2. It will be good if you can also use a dental floss and mouth wash in order to keep a normal bacterial level.

3. After breaking your fast make sure you drink enough of water 8-10 glasses a day.

4. Also do not forget about eating good amount of fruits and vegetable, as it has an amazing hydration source.

5. During your fast and after breaking it, reduce the amount of cigarettes if you smoke. As it is create a bad breath and bacteria in your mouth.

6. Avoid a sticky foods, like chocolate, cheese, and more. It is feared that the rest of the food will stick in between your teeth, it happen if your brushing is not appropriate.

7. Do not forget to visit your dentist every 6 mouths for your annual dental check up.

The Holy Month of Ramadan is the time to give and share, in this occasion Dr. Ehab’s Dental Clinic, Dubai is offering a complimentary consultation for everyone who needs to see the dentist for an annual dental check up.

Our Dental Hygienist team is generously offering a 20 % off on Teeth Cleaning & Polishing to keep your dental health in a good condition during the Ramadan Fasting.
Additionally, If anyone wants to whiten their teeth Please use the special promotion during Ramadan for Teeth Whitening AED 1500 instead of AED 2400.

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Which works best: Invisalign or Braces?

Some dental patients in Dubai are wondering what is the actual difference between normal orthodontic braces and Invisalign Treatment. At Dr.Ehab’s Dental Clinic, Dubai we always suggest the patient to come for an initial consultation for an Invisalign or Braces, in order for the dentist and a patient to understand the case and decide the best way to treat it.
First let’s understand how the Braces treatment work: Orthodontic Braces are attached to the teeth and it is holding with the wire.
After installing the braces the patient needs to come every one month or two monthes (depends on the braces type).
The result is always 100% achievable and it is totally depends on the dentist qualification.
What is Invisalign? And how to achieve the best dental result with wearing Invisalign in dubai?
In order for you to understand how does it work, we need to know what is exactly Invisalign?
It is a removable, thin, transparent tray which the patient need to wear every days, except the time when the patient eats.
Also it is very convenient that it is totally transparent and unnoticeable, any time the patient can just simply remove it if it is needed.
The patient will know how many trays required only after taking an impression and sending it to Invisalign Lab in order for us to clerify if the patient case can be treated with Invisalign Trays and how many actual trays we need to complete the case and achieve the desired result.
We a braces we can predict the result and the timing of finalising the dental case too.
The patient choice will depends on the patient age, professional, result and budget. The other imortant matter with Invisalign in Dubai – your dentist should be Invisalign certified.
At Dr. Ehab’s Dental Clinic, Dubai we have an Invisalign Certified Orthodontist,
if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us any time.


Zoom Teeth Whitening Procedure in Dubai pros and cons

Zoom Teeth WHitening in Dubai is a leading method to make your smile brighter and whither in just an hour between a busy working hours in Dubai. The System is widely popular and has lots of reasons to be the best system to whiten your teeth.

Zoom Teeth whitening in Dubai should be performed by highly professional hygienist or dentist, as if the staff is untrained it can cause some small discomfort.

What You Can Expect With Zoom teeth whitening in Dubai

Patients will first sit down for an initial consultation with their dentist. A basic check-up will be performed to assess the health of the teeth and their suitability for the Zoom procedure. A customised whitening plan is developed to ensure the best results. You will have a mould of your teeth created – you’ll find out why soon.

Usually after the initial consultation, a quick, standard clean and polish will be performed by the dentist to remove any built up plaque Now the Zoom whitening process can begin!

The dentist, or their assistant, will prepare your teeth and gums for the procedure. Your gums will be covered to prevent any of the whitening gel coming into contact with these sensitive areas.

Once prepped and ready, the Zoom whitening gel will be carefully applied to your teeth, and the super bright Zoom light will be used in conjunction to aid with breaking down and removing any discolouration and stains.
The procedure will take approximately 1 hour and your dentist will might offer you to get a Home whitening kit, which you can use after sometime after your Zoom Whitening Procedure.

At Dr.Ehab’s Dental Clinic , Dubai we offer Zoom Teeth whitening together with a teeth polishing for just AED 1500.
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Same Day Dental Implant procedure in Dubai

“is it possible to place a dental implant in the same day in Dubai? What is the average price for the same dental implant in Dubai”

“How to choose the right dental clinic in Dubai and a good dental surgeon in Dubai”

These Questions Dr.Ehab’s Dental Clinic is going to answer in this article:

“What is the approximate price of the same dental implant in Dubai” It is simple question, but no really a simple answer, as the dental implant price depends on many things such as a dental implant brand, extra material the doctor might need to perform the surgery as well as the qualification of the dental surgeon. These criteria’s will determined the dental implant price. Place a dental implant ( same day dental implant) requires knowledge of the dental surgeon, his skills and a good practice experience.


Once the dental implant is place into the jaw, the body is building the bone around a dental implant, which is stimulating the process of good dental implant healing. In dentistry we call this process osseointegration, and keeps the implant in place for a lifetime. It takes a few weeks for the body to complete osseointegration.

What does Same dental Implant procedure means? It means that when the dental surgeon place the implant, he will place a temporary crown on top of it, so you will leave the dental office with a tooth.

On top of it you have to come after few month and replace your temporary crown to final (permanent crown), which you are going to keep for a life time.
That’s what many clinics mean by One Day Dental Implants or Teeth-In-A-Day.
If you have any question related to same dental implant procedure in Dubai, do not hesitate to contact us at 043461546 or visit our clinic Al Wasl road villa 181 b.

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Lumineers or Veneers in Dubai?

Porcelain Veneers and Lumineers are very popular between people in UAE, it is more like a trend to have them placed. But what is the difference between veneers and lumineers in Dubai and what is the quality difference between both of them.

First, let clarify what is the Lumineer?

Lumineer are relatively  ultra thin shell which we place on the top of the unprepared teeth. But if we compare Porcelain Veneers and Lumineers, we can see that a lumineers are about as half as thick as traditional veneers.

Usually people are getting confused between there two procedures, as relatively they are the same.

What is actually Veneer?

The thickness of traditional Veneers is just 5mm, which is much thiner that a lumineer. Depends on the individual case sometimes people are not getting a preparation or in other cases it will be just a minor, unless the patient has a really major problem which needs to be fixed with the big preparation for the veneers.

The Veneers made of porcelain which is made them very strong and durable.

People who know about products like Lumineers® typically do so because of advertisements they have seen. However, ads can lead a consumer to form unrealistic expectations.

Most people understandably draw the conclusion that the use of no-drilling technique can be used in their situation. And while in theory this may be true, any dentist can tell you that there’s often quite a bit of difference between what’s technically possible and what’s in the patient’s best interest.

In reality, ultra-thin products like Lumineers® are best used just to make simple upgrades and enhancements for teeth.





If you have any question regarding a difference between Veneers and Lumineers do not hesitate to contact Dr.Ehab’s Dental Clinic,Dubai 04 346 15 46 Or info@drehabdentalclinic.com

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fluoride free dentistry dubai
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Did you know that fluoride is Officially classified as a Neurotoxin?

Probably most of the people have never thought that Fluoride can be a toxin, as many dental clinic around the world as well as in Dubai are applying a fluoride on the people teeth after many dental procedures.

At Dr.Ehab’s Dental Clinic,Dubai We are trying to use a Fluoride free procedure, but only if the patient ask and want to apply a fluoride on their teeth after the scaling and polishing procedure.

Fluoride in dentistry is highly toxic, consider for instance, that according  the statistic in Chine and India are currently suffering from crippling bone problem from actually drinking  water with a high level of fluoride in it.

According to the 500-page scientific review, it is stated that fluoride is the main substance which effects the health of your bones, thyroid gland, bones, and even the sugar level.

It is understandable, that many dental clinics in Dubai are not actually using the latest scientific proofs at this matter. But probably you can start your fluoride free health journey by using a fluoride free tooth pastes. There are many option of fluoride free tooth paste in Dubai health stores or even in the pharmacies.

Scientifically proven that the people who use Fluoride free tooth paste has less cavities than people who are using the tooth paste with a fluoride.

At Dr.Ehab’s Dental Clinic, Dubai we always advice our costumers to use fluoride free products, which are available in any health store.

Fluoride free dentistry is not a popular subject within the dentists in Dubai, but we are strongly recommending everyone to go Fluoride free if it is possible, as it is important to think in a long term about the patient health.

Most important is to educate the patient about Fluoride and to give them the options to be able to choose.

If you have any questions regarding fluoride free dentistry please do not hesitate to contact us any time at 043461546



mercury free dubai

Looking for a Mercury free Dentist in Dubai?

We have hear a lot about Mercury Free dentistry in Dubai, but what it really is? Have you ever asked yourself why amalgam fillings are bad to your health and to our environment?

Today, Dr.Ehab’s Dental Clinic, Dubai would like to make it clear for everyone as it is devastating that not many people are aware what is amalgam and what it is causing to our body.


Amalgam is a real threat to our environment .

Amalgam is a bigest cause for water pollution thought water from a dental clinic releases and human waste too, as well dental clinic emissions, land fertiliser. In a dentistry mercury converts even more toxic forms. Methylmercury is a major cause of the fish having lots of mercury in it.

Dental Mercury in our environment can cause many problems with a people health like brain damaged, specially for unborn babies and small kids.

No. 2

Amalgam danger our health

Dental Amalgam fillings is a big health risk for people with a kidney problems, children etc.

Amalgam emits mercury vapor even after it is implanted into the body. This mercury is bioaccumulative, and it crosses the placenta to accumulate in fetuses as well. Amalgam fillings requires a very big amount of the tooth to be removed. On top of that, amalgam fillings – which expand and contract over time – crack teeth and once again create the need for still more dental work.

At Dr.Ehab’s Dental Clinic, Dubai we use a special system to removed amalgam fillings and perform a toxic free composite fillings instead. Dr.Ehab’s Dental Clinic specialised and qualified in replacing an amalgam fillings, as we are using a toxic free dental material as well as the special way of removing an amalgam. Our Dentist trained to do that with a special training for it.

For more information on mercury free dentistry call us 04 346 15 46


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Microscopic Dentistry at Dr.Ehab’s Dental Clinic, Dubai

Dr.Ehab’s Dental Clinic,Dubai is highly equipped with a latest technologies in Dentistry.

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure to remove infected tooth nerve caused by bacteria or trauma . It is a tooth saving procedure where our dentist is able to save an infected tooth wherein the only other option would have been to extract the tooth. The root canal system of a tooth contains nerves and blood vessels. The damaged pulp is removed during the procedure. At Dr. Ehab’s dental clinic, we have the most advanced equipment which is microscopic endodontics , used by our highly trained (endodontist) who specialises in the procedure. The Root Canal Treatments done by our specialists are guaranteed to be pain free and long lasting.

The common causes of damage of the tooth pulp are deep cavity, injury and cracked tooth. But there is nothing to be worried about because our dentists are always there for you to fix your problem. In our dental clinic, Root Canal Treatmentis usually done by a series of steps.

The first step of Root Canal Treatment consists of making an opening through the back part of the tooth. The damaged pulp is then removed from the tooth by our dentist in Dubai and it is followed by cleaning the root canal and the pulp chamber. After cleaning, they are enlarged and properly shaped so that the filling process can be done nicely. If our dentist recommends more than one appointment, then the tooth is temporarily filled to protect it from various factors during the period between the first and second appointment.

Our dentist then fills the root canal and the pulp chamber. He inserts a material known as gutta-percha into the canal and it is used to seal the cavity. This step is followed by the final step that involves placing of a crown around the tooth so that it can gain its natural look and structure.

The result of the procedure done in our clinic usually lasts for a lifetime with proper maintenance and oral hygiene.

Dr. Ehab’s dental clinic, Dubai is equipped with most modern endodontic equipments and instruments to conduct a perfect Root Canal Treatment. In fact, we are one of the very few clinics in Dubai which is equipped with a Dental Microscope that makes the process much more efficient and successful.


What are the benefits of Dental Implants and its cost in Dubai?

Dentistry’s role in improving appearance is often misunderstood and underrated. For a example,many people believe that only dentures can alter their smile, yet nothing could be further from the truth. Such cost-effective technique as cosmetic contouring, teeth whitening or bonding often works wonders- typically in a single visit in Dubai.

The smile is the first thing people can notice in you when they see you for the first time. Whenever you think that you can fix your smile next year or deciding it to be your new year resolution, please consider these facts. At Dr.Ehab’s Dental Clinic, Dubai we advice our patients to do an annual dental check up, due to the changes in your body and your dental health. When we age we might see that our gums receding, our teeth becoming yellowish, even our face structure can change due to the teeth loss.

At Our Dental Clinic in Dubai we are taking care of the patient dental health in various ways, one of the it is their dental education to understand the importance of the dental hygiene.

Teeth become darker in Color due to the several reason, Says Dr Ehab Rashed ( UAE Leading Implantologist and Cosmetic Specialist)

-Consuming Dark color food, such as coffee, berries, or wine.

-People who are smoking, chewing or brushing their teeth aggressively.

Never STOP Caring!

As we get older, some people stop taking proper care about themselves, including their teeth. If this sounds like you, remember that it is never to late to start taking care of yourself again. Many older adults today are seeking treatment to correct dental problems and improve their appearance.  Do not hesitate to contact us for an advice how to improve the appearance of your smile.


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