Can Genetic Testing Predict your Dental Health?

Genetic testing is a great way to predict health conditions that may cause future problems for Oral health. It allows health specialist to measure the factors that can contribute towards health problems and eradicate them through proper healthcare before it becomes a problem.

So can a genetic test predict future risk of cavities and gum disease?

The direct answer is no: genetic testing cannot predict the future risk for gum disease or cavities. But this does not mean that you can’t protect your oral health and maintain it for a healthy living without the prediction.

Does Generic Testing Matter?

There are certain tests that can predict health conditions and oral issues.

These predictive genetic tests are designed to identify the markers within the DNA that indicate whether there is a certain risk of developing a medical condition. If successful, your health specialist will be able to see how to combat the problem before it becomes a health scare.

In order to conduct the test, your healthcare provider will ask to get your saliva sample to detect DNA markers that can indicate certain health conditions.

These markets within the DNA are capable of highlighting the genes that carry the defect.

But can you be at risk just because the marker indicates so?


Even if there was a genetic test that could positively prove that you might develop cavities later in life there is no way that it can become a reality. Oral diseases and cavities are subject to lifestyle and environmental factors. This essentially means that regardless of your genes you can either develop or not develop cavities or oral diseases based on your lifestyle choices.

What Factors can Increase your Risks of Cavities and Gum Disease

Environmental and lifestyle factors play a key role in oral health maintenance. Bad lifestyle choices can include dependence on caffeine, alcohol consumption, cigarette and tobacco use and poor diet choices. These choices can significantly impact your oral health and increase your chances of gum disease and even oral cancer. On the other hand, increased levels of stress can also increase your risk of certain oral diseases.

In general dentistry, there are specific tools such as X-rays to determine an oral problem but these tools are not sophisticated enough to predict future damage. Therefore, it is important that you enjoy your oral health maintenance through dental checkups and oral hygiene. You can’t control what oral disease may occur in the future but you can make sure that its chances are reduced.

Final thoughts:

You do not need a genetic testing to understand that lack of oral health maintenance can lead to potential dental problems. You need to make sure that you are making the right choices on day to day basis. Be careful about what you eat and how much you are active throughout the day to make sure that the environmental factors and lifestyle choices do not increase your risk of dental issues. In addition, always remember to visit your dentist at least twice a year to make sure that you’re not missing any potential dental problem.