Dr. Ehab Rashed


Dental Surgeon, General Dentistry, Implantology

Dr. Ehab is a dental surgeon with over 26 years of experience in Dentistry. He obtained his Bachelor degree in 1989 in Oral Surgery and Dental Medicine. Then he joined the Main UAE government dental hospital in 1990. Dr.Ehab is holding Diploma in Oral Implantology Freiburg University, Germany and MSc in Oral Implantology,

Dr. Vael Nahas

General Dentistry, Orthodontist

Dr Vael Nahas is one of the leading orthodontist in UAE . Dr. Nahas got his Master Degree in Orthodontics from Saint Joseph University (USJ). He has more then 11 years of experience in orthodontic treatments for children,adolescents and adults. He has treated more then 600 successful cases in UAE,Syria and Lebanon.


Dental Surgeon, General Dentistry

Graduated in Dental Medicine, IUEM, Almada Portugal, Felllow in Implant Dentistry, Miamy University. Post graduated in Advance Implantology and Minimally Invasive Rehabilitation. Invited professor of online Master course of Oral Pathology and Advanced Implant Surgery, Universidad Católica de Múrcia/Knotgroup, Spain. Invited Professor of University, Faculty of Dental Medicine of University of Lisbon, Portugal. Dental-XP Expert

Dr. AbdulRahman Nahas

Cosmetic and Preventive Dentistry

Dr. Abdul, is from Damascus,Syria, has graduated from Batterjee Medical College in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He has special interest in Cosmetic, laser and preventive Dentistry and has undertaken many courses, seminars and workshops in that field. He has worked for 5 years in multiple private and governmental clinics and hospitals in Saudi Arabia . prior to joining Dr. Ehab dental clinic.

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