Do you Need Dental Implants? Here are the Signs to watch out for

Are you tired of your dentures? Are your teeth causing you pain and self-esteem issues that you can’t resolve otherwise? If you have clicked on this blog post, you have probably been searching about Dental implants and wondering whether they can offer a long-term solution for your teeth problem. We have outlined the six most prominent signs that may indicate the need for implants. Read below and see if you have any of the following signs.

You have more than one broken tooth

If you have more than one broken teeth and it bothers you to an extent that you feel less confident, then it’s time to get dental implants. A dental implant will permanently replace your damaged teeth and give you a lasting solution so you don’t have to worry about the way your smile appears or have a problem with chewing or biting.

You have serious tooth damage

Sometimes serious tooth damage requires tooth extraction and trimming. In case of trimming, your dental specialist will remove the damaged portion of the tooth and cover the rest of the structure with a crown to preserve it. In case of extraction, your dentist will remove the damaged tooth and you will need a dental implant to cover the gaps. In this case, dental implants are essential.

You want a substitute for loose-fitting denture

If you are tired of your dentures getting loose all the time, dental implants can offer a permanent solution. With implants, you will no longer have to worry about losing dentures and getting into an uncomfortable position that directly attacks your self-esteem.

Your teeth are giving you a hard time with eating

With time and age, teeth can become weak and vulnerable to even the slightest impact which can cause tooth pain and problems in biting and chewing. Dental implants can replace the teeth that cause a problem with regular biting and help you restore the full functionality of your teeth for a painless bite. Your dental specialist will examine the teeth that are causing a problem and decide accordingly.

Your natural teeth don’t fill out your cheeks

Sometimes the natural teeth do not have a pronounced appearance which impacts your jaw, cheeks, and your smile. In this case, dental implants can correct irregularities and help you achieve a fuller smile. Your dental specialist will examine the structure and size of your natural teeth before advising implants. He will decide how many implants will be required to fill in the gaps between the teeth.

Final thoughts: When you have an option to get a permanent solution for problematic teeth then why invest in other treatments? Implants may cost more but they last a lifetime. Dental implants offer longevity that is cannot be guaranteed through other smile makeover treatments. If you experience any of the above-mentioned signs then it is better to invest in dental implants than keep spending money on less than viable solutions. Talk to your dental care specialist today to book a consultation for dental implants and take a step towards creating a better smile for yourself.