Hollywood Smile Makeover: How to find the Right Specialist in Dubai

Finding professional Help for Smile Makeover in Dubai

With hundreds of procedures carried out every year, smile makeover has become a common cosmetic dentistry treatment in Dubai. Its popularity is backed by its effectiveness that guarantees lasting results for individuals who experience self-esteem issues due to dental deformities. A complete smile makeover covers everything from teeth whitening to teeth alignment and everything in between. If you are looking to get a makeover for your teeth, here’s how you can find the right specialist in Dubai.


Hollywood smile makeover Dubai is an extensive process that covers each and every aspect of your smile to redefine it according to your requirements. However, before you set out to find a specialist for it, you need to consider a few things. We have divided the process into two main steps, namely pre-research, research and post-research.

In pre-research, you need to outline your requirements. Visit your local dental specialist or your regular dentist for a quick examination. This examination should highlight teeth issues that need to be addressed through cosmetic dentistry. Your dentist may recommend a good orthodontist who specializes in specific cosmetic dentistry treatments that you need.

At this stage, make sure that you understand your requirements and get advice from your dental specialist regarding what cosmetic dentistry treatments could be best for your specific dental case.


Based on your requirements and your dentist’s recommendation, you can choose an orthodontist or a cosmetic dental surgeon in Dubai.

While searching for the right dentists keep in mind that not every surgeon is specialized to perform all kinds of dentistry procedures. For example, if you need to correct your jaw alignment, your orthodontists may not be able to help you with it. Therefore, understand what you need and look for those specific specializations in a cosmetic surgeon.

Meet with the cosmetic surgeons and discuss your options in detail. Your surgeon or specialist should be able to give you a time frame for recovery and the budget requirements for the overall procedure.


After you are done with your research and have decided about the specialist or a specialized cosmetic dentistry clinic in Dubai, the next step is to explore the authenticity of that institution or the professional expertise and work ethic of the dental specialist. Online customer reviews are a great way to learn more about a certain institution or a certain specialist. Professional specialists usually have good ratings and reviews with more than 85 percent returning customers.

To learn more about your specialist, you can contact any of his past patients to see how their experience has been.

Apart from that, you need to learn more about the treatment you are going to get. Talk to people who have had similar treatments in the past and learn more about the recovery time. A past recipient of a dental treatment can help you understand the results of the treatment through his personal experience which can help you analyze the treatment on a deeper level.

Cosmetic dentistry is complex in nature and therefore you cannot afford to put yourself in inexperienced hands. Do your research before visiting your specialist and ensure that you are in good hands.