How to keep your teeth healthy and young when we age

Dentistry’s role in improving appearance is often misunderstood and underrated. For a example,many people believe that only dentures can alter their smile, yet nothing could be further from the truth. Such cost-effective technique as cosmetic contouring, teeth whitening or bonding often works wonders- typically in a single visit in Dubai.

The smile is the first thing people can notice in you when they see you for the first time. Whenever you think that you can fix your smile next year or deciding it to be your new year resolution, please consider these facts. At Dr.Ehab’s Dental Clinic, Dubai we advice our patients to do an annual dental check up, due to the changes in your body and your dental health. When we age we might see that our gums receding, our teeth becoming yellowish, even our face structure can change due to the teeth loss.

At Our Dental Clinic in Dubai we are taking care of the patient dental health in various ways, one of the it is their dental education to understand the importance of the dental hygiene.

Teeth become darker in Color due to the several reason, Says Dr Ehab Rashed ( UAE Leading Implantologist and Cosmetic Specialist)

-Consuming Dark color food, such as coffee, berries, or wine.

-People who are smoking, chewing or brushing their teeth aggressively.

Never STOP Caring!

As we get older, some people stop taking proper care about themselves, including their teeth. If this sounds like you, remember that it is never to late to start taking care of yourself again. Many older adults today are seeking treatment to correct dental problems and improve their appearance.  Do not hesitate to contact us for an advice how to improve the appearance of your smile.


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