How to Stop your Teeth from Showing your Age

Your teeth shouldn’t show your age. Learn how to find a lasting solution for aging teeth.

The first thing that anybody notices about you is probably your smile. Your teeth say a lot about you, even more than you can imagine. As you age, your teeth start to show the signs of aging that can be apparent through damaged and stained teeth. Therefore, dental treatments are crucial to make sure that your teeth look their best regardless of their age. Cosmetic dentistry offers myriad solutions for aging teeth with signs that can be embarrassing for you. Read on to learn more about how cosmetic dentistry can help you keep your teeth in their healthy form.

Cosmetic Dentistry Options

There are a number of cosmetic dentistry procedures that aim to reshape, recolor and redefine your tooth structure. Each procedure is designed to fulfill certain dental requirements and therefore must be discussed with a specialized dental consultant. Following are some of the most common cosmetic dentistry treatments:

  • Veneers
  • Laser teeth whitening
  • Teeth Bonding
  • Dental bridges
  • Dental Implants
  • Gum lift
  • Invisalign treatment
  • Bite Reclamation
  • Inlays and Onlays

These treatments individually correct the various deformities of teeth such as misaligned, chipped, infected or stained teeth.

How to Choose the Right Procedure?

Getting a perfect Hollywood smile is easy! All you have to do is learn what procedures can help you.

As mentioned above, each procedure is designed to focus on certain dental requirements. Therefore, when choosing the procedure it is important that you take into consideration the current state of your teeth. This will help you learn what procedures can improve that state. Best thing to do is to talk to your dental surgeon and get an extensive dental examination to understand what exactly is required to give you a Hollywood smile makeover.

How to check if you are the Right Candidate?

In general, people get smile makeovers through three widely utilized procedures, namely:  Invisalign, teeth whitening and veneers. Teeth whitening treatment includes laser teeth whitening, a procedure that aims to remove the stubborn stains. These stains could be a result of tobacco or caffeine use over a long period of time.

Invisalign is a discreet way of realigning your teeth without having to wear train-track braces. This method allows you to create a well-aligned structure for your teeth with braces on the back of your teeth.

Lastly, Veneers are a great way to improve the appearance of your smile without going through any cosmetic surgery procedure. Your dental specialist will trim the size of your front teeth to adjust the thin layer of veneers on top of the existing teeth to give you an immaculate smile.

Based on the information provided above, you can see for which treatments you are the right candidate. In addition, before choosing a procedure, make sure to book a consultation with a professional dental consultant to understand your options and their costs. Your consultant will guide you about the cost structure, treatment period and recovery time.

A cosmetic smile makeover will not only take care of your dental health issues but also give you a chance to have a pearly white smile that boosts your self-confidence.