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Does your kid really need braces in Dubai?

Did you noticed more young kids with braces these days in Dubai? Have you ever asked yourself why is that? why they are too young and already doing an orthodontic treatment? You might thought “But they still have a baby teeth”?

So, most of the Orthodontic patients at Dr.Ehab’s Dental Clinic, Dubai are asking Dr Wael Nahas ( Orthodontist at Dr.Ehab’s Dental Clinic,Dubai), What is the best age for my child to start  wearing the braces? When I should notice an orthodontic  problem of my child?

According to UAE Orthodontic Association, the child should be seen by the orthodontist in Dubai by the age of 7 for just a first and initial orthodontic check up, in order to identify the problem.

You might probably ask: Why exactly at the age of 7? what can be done at this age for your child to prevent a bigger orthodontic problem?

As you might know that most of the orthodontic problems can not be treated at the age of 7 , but at least some of them can be prevented.

If everything looks good and your child might now have any problem at this age then your  next visit to your Orthodontist in Dubai can be scheduled at the age of 12 years. As this is the age when most of the milky teeth are gone and by this age the child has only permanent teeth.

At Dr.Ehab’s Dental Clinic, Dubai we recommend screening ALL young patients at age 7 so that these and other conditions can be identified and corrected as early as possible. Although some may be able to wait until all the permanent teeth are in, interceptive treatment can make the final results faster, better, and give your children an additional three to four years of having a great smile at an age when their self-image is developing.

In the month of February at Dr.Ehab’s Dental Clinic, Dubai we offer our patient up to age of 12 years old a complimentary consultation.

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