How to Maintain Oral Health through Nutrition

Daily Nutrition and its Impact on your Oral Health

Did you know that phosphorous, Potassium and Zinc are equally important for your oral health?
Most people believe that Calcium is the only nutrient that their oral health requires, which is not true. Research shows that oral health is dependent on your overall health and vice versa; you need to maintain your health in general in order to ensure that your oral health is properly maintained. Let’s see how daily nutrition can help you eradicate the possibility of various infections and disease that can lead to tooth loss.

What is included in Good Nutrition?
The first and the most important thing you need to understand is the type of food that makes good nutrition. Most of the time, people consume processed foods like packed juices that promise the goodness of the real fruit. Always keep in mind that the only real goodness of a fruit comes from its raw source. So, you need to see how much of your diet consists of processed foods and how much of it is unprocessed, organic food. Fruits, vegetables and seeds in their raw form offer a better benefit to your overall health than cereals, cooked and canned natural foods. In general, good nutrition includes organic foods that come straight from the garden. Be picky with your food choices and ensure that you and your family are eating healthy. Simply shifting your diet from processed to unprocessed can make a huge difference.

How to create a balanced Nutrition?
Balanced nutrition includes a bit of everything. When creating a balanced diet, keep in mind to include a portion of seeds, fruits and veggies. Fruits like Apple, bananas and blueberries are especially good for your oral health as they contain essential nutrients like iron, antioxidants and potassium. Make sure that you have at least 3 protein-based meals a day. Eggs and Salmon are good sources of protein to fulfill your protein needs. In addition, add healthy oils to your diet. Olive oil and coconut oil are known for their high nutrient properties. Add these oils into your daily meals to boost your nutrient intake.

Nutrition and Exercise
Nutrition alone is not enough to maintain optimum health. You need to find a balance between nutrition and exercise. Pair nutrition with optimum exercise to supplement its effect on your body; proper nutrition and exercise ensure that the body has all the essential minerals it needs to operate and that the blood flow is in healthy circulation. Nutrition is absolutely important when it come sot maintaining your overall health. Most oral health issues occur solely due to lack of proper nutrition. Incorporate both natural foods and exercise in your daily routine to fortify your body against viral and other infections that may impact your overall health.This will also ensure your oral health and keep you away from dentist’s chair for a long time. In addition, ensure that you get your dental health examined by a specialist at least twice a year. Nutrition, dental cleaning and exercise can help you fortify your gums and teeth against infection and other oral diseases. So, start today!