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Microscopic Dentistry at Dr.Ehab’s Dental Clinic, Dubai

Dr.Ehab’s Dental Clinic,Dubai is highly equipped with a latest technologies in Dentistry.

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure to remove infected tooth nerve caused by bacteria or trauma . It is a tooth saving procedure where our dentist is able to save an infected tooth wherein the only other option would have been to extract the tooth. The root canal system of a tooth contains nerves and blood vessels. The damaged pulp is removed during the procedure. At Dr. Ehab’s dental clinic, we have the most advanced equipment which is microscopic endodontics , used by our highly trained (endodontist) who specialises in the procedure. The Root Canal Treatments done by our specialists are guaranteed to be pain free and long lasting.

The common causes of damage of the tooth pulp are deep cavity, injury and cracked tooth. But there is nothing to be worried about because our dentists are always there for you to fix your problem. In our dental clinic, Root Canal Treatmentis usually done by a series of steps.

The first step of Root Canal Treatment consists of making an opening through the back part of the tooth. The damaged pulp is then removed from the tooth by our dentist in Dubai and it is followed by cleaning the root canal and the pulp chamber. After cleaning, they are enlarged and properly shaped so that the filling process can be done nicely. If our dentist recommends more than one appointment, then the tooth is temporarily filled to protect it from various factors during the period between the first and second appointment.

Our dentist then fills the root canal and the pulp chamber. He inserts a material known as gutta-percha into the canal and it is used to seal the cavity. This step is followed by the final step that involves placing of a crown around the tooth so that it can gain its natural look and structure.

The result of the procedure done in our clinic usually lasts for a lifetime with proper maintenance and oral hygiene.

Dr. Ehab’s dental clinic, Dubai is equipped with most modern endodontic equipments and instruments to conduct a perfect Root Canal Treatment. In fact, we are one of the very few clinics in Dubai which is equipped with a Dental Microscope that makes the process much more efficient and successful.