Overview of the 12 Most Common Dental Services in Dubai

There are a number of dental services offered by top dental clinics in Dubai. Each service is designed to help patients recover from a specific dental issue. In most cases, the issues fall under general dentistry while at other times patients require cosmetic treatments for a well-defined smile that boosts self-confidence. Here is an overview of the 12 most common dental services so you can understand them better to garner the potential benefits of each service.

  1. Dental implants:

Dental implant surgery is for patients who have lost their tooth due to trauma or disease. Dental implants are titanium structures that resemble the outlook of your tooth. These are implanted into the jaw line to replicate the missing tooth.

  1. Periodontics:

Periodontics deals in the health of auxiliary structures of the teeth that include the gums and underlying bone structure where specialists identify and treat ailments specific to that tissue.

  1. Teeth whitening:

Dental specialists use teeth whitening treatment to increase the brightness, whiteness, and sparkle of teeth. You are a perfect candidate for teeth whitening if you have discolored teeth due to some genetic factors or various lifestyle habits.

  1. Gum Recontouring:

Gum recontouring is also known as a gum lift, it is a perfect solution for patients who are not blessed with an aesthetically attractive set of gums or have been subject to trauma that has changed the way their gums appear and function. In this process, surgeons make corrections to the gum tissues that lie too high or low.

  1. Invisalign:

Invisalign is an orthodontic method used to fine-tune teeth very much like dental braces to be worn for a time span. It comprises of transparent material that is prepared through digital imagery to create a perfect fit for each patient.

  1. Pediatric dentistry:

Pediatric dentistry deals with dental care for children, including toddlers.

  1. Gum Depigmentation:

This procedure is based on laser technique which makes use of lasers to eradicate the upper coating of tissues on the gum revealing the fresh tissues which are free from black spots.

  1. Dental fillings:

Dental fillings are designed to fill the cavities or holes in the exterior tooth structure. Cavities can be painful and harmful to dental health; therefore, a wide range of materials based on requirement can be used to fill such cavities for tooth preservation.

  1. Dental surgery:

Dental surgery includes surgery of the teeth and jawbone. It contains a number of processes for artificially amending the definition of the dentures and jaw.

  1. Root canals:

A root canal treatment treats the pulp tissue inside the tooth that comprises of nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue affected by disease or infection.

  1. Routine dental check-ups:

Regular dental check-ups are dental examinations done at least twice a year. They are essential for all individuals, including children, but especially important for patients with previous dental complications.

  1. The Hollywood Smile:

“The Hollywood Smile” defines the flawless smile that is made possible through cosmetic dental techniques. The purpose of smile makeover treatments is to generate an eye-catching smile that never fails to impress. Teeth whitening and orthodontic treatments are a part of smile makeover treatments.