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Same Day Dental Implant procedure in Dubai

“is it possible to place a dental implant in the same day in Dubai? What is the average price for the same dental implant in Dubai”

“How to choose the right dental clinic in Dubai and a good dental surgeon in Dubai”

These Questions Dr.Ehab’s Dental Clinic is going to answer in this article:

“What is the approximate price of the same dental implant in Dubai” It is simple question, but no really a simple answer, as the dental implant price depends on many things such as a dental implant brand, extra material the doctor might need to perform the surgery as well as the qualification of the dental surgeon. These criteria’s will determined the dental implant price. Place a dental implant ( same day dental implant) requires knowledge of the dental surgeon, his skills and a good practice experience.


Once the dental implant is place into the jaw, the body is building the bone around a dental implant, which is stimulating the process of good dental implant healing. In dentistry we call this process osseointegration, and keeps the implant in place for a lifetime. It takes a few weeks for the body to complete osseointegration.

What does Same dental Implant procedure means? It means that when the dental surgeon place the implant, he will place a temporary crown on top of it, so you will leave the dental office with a tooth.

On top of it you have to come after few month and replace your temporary crown to final (permanent crown), which you are going to keep for a life time.
That’s what many clinics mean by One Day Dental Implants or Teeth-In-A-Day.
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