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Zoom Teeth Whitening

Effective and lasting teeth whitening in Dubai for the best looking smile

Zoom dental whitening is a great option for those that want a whiter, brighter smile quickly – in just one to two hours. It is a highly effective process that lightens discoloration of enamel and dentin. It is clinically proven to whiten your teeth nine to twelve shades in just an hour and a half. If you are looking for a quick and effective way to achieve a brighter smile, this method is perfect for you!

Go through one of the best teeth whitening procedures today and transform into a more confident you

Our procedure Zoom teeth whitening in Dubai is ideal for people seeking immediate results and can leave your teeth looking dramatically white in just over an hour and it’s done in a controlled environment which is something we really prefer. It is arguably one of the more advanced and widely used techniques for having a whiter, more attractive smile.


How is the procedure done?

Zoom tooth whitening is a safe, innovative technique that creates dramatic results which are visible immediately after treatment.

During the treatment, a gel will be applied to your teeth. A special Zoom lamp will then be used to activate the gel and cause the enamel and dentin to be lightened. During your ZOOM treatment, the process is continually monitored by our dental staff. Once the treatment is completed whitening may continue for one to three days.

We only use trusted, tested, proven products

Zoom is basically a light-sensitive gel developed through years and years of extensive research by Discus Dental, world-renowned experts in high quality take-home dental whitening products. The gel is composed of scientifically-formulated, pH-balanced hydrogen peroxide that has a specific reaction when exposed to Zoom light.

It gently penetrates the teeth to eliminate deep-seated stains and address discoloration. With proper care and regular dental maintenance at home, your whiter smile will sparkle for years.

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