Dental Gum Surgery Flap Surger

Gum surgery also known as flap surgery is a surgical procedure to cure gum diseases caused by gum inflammation. In our clinic, gum surgery is done very effectively with some of the best tools available by dentists specializing in the field (Periodontist). If you feel that your gums are not looking as they should, or if they are bleeding, then you must visit the clinic to have a dental diagnosis.

Our dentists recommend a flap surgery when deep cleaning is unable to treat the deep pockets and inflammations in your gum. In such cases, surgery is done for reducing the periodontal pockets & also for removing the deposits of tartar in the deep pockets. As a result, the affected areas remains clean and it reduces the risk of further damage to the tooth and gums.

The surgery is quite simple, though very specialized and there is nothing to be worried about.  Our dentist first lifts back the concerned gum area to be cleaned. This is followed by removing the layer of tartar and other deposits from the deep pockets. After this step, he sutures back the lifted gum so that it fits nicely with the teeth in the area. This surgery helps in healing of the gum from inflammations and also in the strengthening of the gum.

If any area of gum or bone is lost due to periodontitis then your dentist may recommend you for performing the additional surgery involving the bone as well as tissue grafts. A surgery of this nature helps the patient’s teeth to regenerate the certain gum & tissue area. In bone grafting, our dentist will place a synthetic or natural bone material to the area where the bone is lost. The procedure is done by inserting a piece of mesh like material between the area of your gum & bone tissue. This helps the gum tissues to regenerate in the specific areas.