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Dental Implants

The Dental Implants Dubai Dentists Recommend

For people who have lost a permanent tooth or two, getting a dental implant is the best solution to restore the natural function and appearance of their teeth.

Dental implants Dubai dentists recommend are made of a root device. The root functions as an anchor upon which the artificial tooth will be placed. It is usually made of titanium, as this material is extremely strong yet light, making it ideal for such an application.

If a patient is missing a single tooth, an implant can replace both the root and its natural tooth. For several teeth needing restoration, same day dental implants can be used to support bridges. For individuals who have lost all their teeth, a full bridge can be placed along with the fixtures.

Advantages of Implants over Alternatives

Implants are usually preferred over bridges, as the former does not rely on the neighboring teeth for support. In addition, they look and feel like natural teeth, so most people are comfortable with them. Same day dental implants also offer a permanent and lasting solution. They may last up to 40 years with proactive oral health care from the patient.

Different Types of Implants for Different Dental Needs

Endosteal (in the bone) is the most common type of implant. It comprises cylinders or screws that are surgically placed into the jawbone. Each implant can fasten one or more artificial teeth. It is generally recommended by dentists as a substitute for bridges or removable dentures.

The other type is the subperiosteal (on the bone) variation, which are fixed on the jaw. Their metal framework protrudes through the gum to secure artificial teeth. This is used when a patient cannot wear conventional dentures.

The procedure depends on the patient’s condition and the type of implant the patient prefers. Our dentist will create a treatment plan specifically designed for you.

Our dentists are specially-trained and certified in the practice of implanting dental fixtures. We can assure you unparalleled service throughout the process. Visit our clinic and see what sets us apart from the numerous oral care offices in Dubai.

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