Tooth Extraction

Dental extraction / teeth removal are the procedures that involves with removal of any tooth from the socket of the particular bones of a tooth. Our dental clinic and specialist dentists are well-equipped with updated and excellent tools to perform the teeth removal treatment.

There are many steps involved with the extraction or removal of any tooth. In the first steps, our dentist will ask you to show any dental records that you might have from any past check-ups. He will perform basic steps for proper analysis of the tooth like a digital x-ray. The x-ray reports will be very helpful in determining the exact cause of the tooth disorder. He will give you certain antibiotics that you will have to take before and after the actual steps of tooth removal in case of pertaining infections.

Basically there are two kinds of teeth removal that you can perform in our clinic. The first kind of tooth removal is a simple extraction of teeth that can be done by the dentist very easily. In primitive stages of teeth disorder this kind of removal process is generally recommended. It involves many steps. In the first step, our dentist will apply local anaesthesia to the tooth and will grasp over the particular tooth that needs the removal using a specialised instrument. He will make it loose by moving it forth and back. It is done by using a specialised tool called “dental elevator”. After this, he will simply pull out the tooth.

Another type of dental extraction involves the surgical procedure of tooth removal. It is usually recommended by the dentist when any tooth is broken at the gum line and cannot be easily removed by general method of tooth removal. Here, our dentist applies anaesthesia in the first step and then he cuts the gum and pulls it back. This gives easy access to the broken part of the tooth and it is then removed using specialised instruments.

Tooth extraction is a relatively easy, safe and common dental procedure. It gives permanent solution to any of your major tooth disorders. Though it is a solution, our dentists will always recommend you to try to save the tooth using alternate treatment procedure.