The criss-crossed top surface of a tooth that resembles valleys and hills are called pit and fissures. There are always pits and fissures on your tooth that brushing fails to clean effectively and as a result, plaque develops in those areas. It results in decaying and formation of cavities of the tooth and damages them gradually. The most common method to prevent teeth from any kind of further damage is to seal them off by a special material called pit and fissure sealants.

This is a relatively simple procedure where our dentist will first clean your tooth and then apply a mild acid solution known as an etchant to make it easier for the sealant solution to stick and a mild coat of pit and fissure sealant is applied on the area. These steps done by our dentists are quite painless and performed within a short span of time. It is very important that the area to be sealed is perfectly dry and not in touch with the saliva of your mouth. Contact with the saliva can prevent the sealant from sticking to the surface nicely and hence your dentist will take special precautions to make sure this does not happen by using a suction pump to remove the saliva from your mouth.

There are many sealants that are available in our clinic which include resin and glass monomer sealants. It is usually recommended to visit the dentist for periodic check-ups to make sure the sealant is in perfect contact with the pits and fissures. If not, our dentist will add or replace the area with more sealant to make sure that further decay will not take place in the teeth.

The process of placing sealant is painless and it is done quickly. You can easily manage a few hours from your daily schedule to make an appointment with our dentist to seal the pits and fissures on your teeth to maintain perfect oral health and a beautiful smile, always…