Dentures are artificial teeth fixed on an acrylic sheet that replaces lost teeth. This is a very common and low cost way to replace missing tooth.

Missing teeth can be harmful because they can dislocate the other teeth that may result in dental disorder causing difficulties to bite & chew food. It may also affect a person’s social life. Hence, it is an absolute necessity to replace missing teeth and dentures are the least expensive of methods.

Usually, the dental denture which is done in our clinic needs two appointments. At first, our dentist will take a mould of your teeth so that a perfect replica of your missing teeth can be made in our laboratory. Also he takes proper measurement of the inter-relation of the jaws & the relative distance between them. Our dentist will put a wax block in your mouth and he will instruct you to bite it and after bite he will record the “bite” so that the new teeth can be manufactured with perfect accuracy. He will also determine the proper colour and shade of the newly made teeth so that it will look perfectly natural. You can also suggest anything regarding the look and comfort of the denture in accordance to your dentist’s opinions. After this step, it will be placed in your mouth.

The dentures done in our dental clinic looks perfectly natural and most people would not be even able to identify that you’re using one. Our clinic also has all the sophisticated tools and equipments necessary to manufacture the perfect dental denture.