A winning Smile can do wonders for you. With Fläsh teeth whitening get the results of professional teeth whitening at your home.

Your smile is one of your biggest assets. In order to make sure that it remains beautiful, you need to utilize the right, medically proven treatments. The fläsh system is designed to help you protect the original enamel color for a brightening smile that never fails to impress.

fläsh is professional system for whiter teeth. fläsh is the latest development of WHITEsmile, based on over 20 years of experience in tooth whitening “Made in Germany”. fläsh offers all types of professional tooth whitening options. fläsh products are only available at specialized dentists. At Dr Ehab’s dental clinic, we use the In-office whitening lamp for teeth whitening.

In-Office with Whitening Lamp

fläsh light assisted tooth whitening system is the fastest form of tooth whitening. With optimally designed accessories, the system offers maximum comfort and treatment results. The system is supported by the newly developed fläsh whitening lamp.

The fläsh Whitening Lamp is the result of extensive research in consideration of the wishes of our users worldwide. With many new features: the “Guided Treatment” leads you through the application step by step. This creates security in every practice.

The determined tooth shades before and after the treatment are automatically evaluated. Various whitening programs offer individualized treatment planning. The high-power LED’s provide the ideal light activation of the fläsh gel for optimal results.

Major advantages over other whitening systems include:

  • Lesser teeth sensitivity
  • Modern Highpower-LED Technology
  • Guided Treatment
  • 3 Whitening Programs- Constant, Pulse & Single Tooth Whitening
  • Determination of the Tooth Shade Steps
  • Easy Positioning
  • Innovative fläsh.card System
  • Touchscreen with Color Display

Why Choose Fläsh

fläsh teeth whitening treatment can be utilized in office (your dentist’s office) through a teeth whitening lamp.