In the early stages of child development, it is very difficult to detect any kind of dental problems. Moreover, it is better to check your child’s teeth before any dental problem occurs which can seriously hamper his/her health. We, Dr. Ehab’s Dental Clinic are specialised in analysing, detecting and curing any kind of dental disorder of your children.

Usually, the main dental problem that is seen in milk teeth is teeth decay and cavities. In our clinic, we treat these common problems by various methods like filling, crowning, pulpotomy etc. In extreme situations, our dentists recommends for root canal treatment and other advance treatment methodologies.

Many parents do not have a clue as to the importance of their child’s milk teeth. Most parents do not realize that teeth serve much higher functions than biting and chewing.

Your baby’s teeth perform the following functions:

  • Help provide nutrition
  • Help make speech possible
  • Aid in the normal development of the jaw bones and facial muscles
  • Add to an attractive appearance
  • Reserve space for the permanent teeth and help guide them into position

Your child will have lots of difficulty chewing and may not be receive a well-balanced diet without healthy, reasonably well-aligned teeth. If your child has cavities, loose teeth, or sore gums, they will refuse to eat properly resulting in malnourishment

Milk teeth normally last up to ten years and in some cases, longer. Slowly, the permanent tooth will push the milk tooth out and takes the place the milk tooth has been reserving for it. If a milk tooth is lost too early, the permanent tooth will have no guide to follow on. Also, the teeth next to a missing tooth may drift into the space left by the missing tooth. Because these teeth occupy the space meant for another tooth, their permanent replacements will come in in the wrong position. Our dentist may provide your child with a space maintainer if a milk tooth is lost early. But it is preferable to take early preventive measures so your child can keep all of her milk teeth until they are ready to be shed.