Professional Pediatric and Children Dentistry in Dubai

At Dr Ehab’s Dental Clinic, Dubai, we do a full range of Pediatric procedures, Space Maintainers and Early Orthodontics Evaluations, Stainless Steel Crowns, Extractions, Pulpotomy, Fillings, Oral Prophylaxis, Pits & Fissure Sealant, Teeth Fluoridation, Preventive Resin Restoration (Also Called PRR).

DR. Ehab’s Dental Clinic FAQs about Pedodontics.When should I take my child to the dentist for the first check-up?.
In order to prevent dental problems, you should bring your child to see the pediatrician as soon as the firs tooth will erupt.Are baby teeth really that important to my child?
Primary, or “baby,” teeth are very important for so many reasons They help a child to chew and speak clearly as well as they aid in forming a path that permanent teeth can follow when they are ready to erupt.How can I prevent decay caused by nursing?
By avoiding nursing children to sleep or putting anything other than water in their bed-time bottle. Also by learning a proper way to brush the teeth. It is very important to take your child for a regular check ups and teeth cleaning.

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How often does my child need to see the pediatric dentist?
A check-up every six months is recommended in order prevent cavities and other dental problems.

Toothpaste: when should we begin using it and how much should we use?
Fluoride toothpaste can be used at any age.

How do dental sealants work?
The process of placing sealant is painless and it is done quickly.There are many sealants that are available in our clinic which include resin and glass monomer sealants. It is usually recommended to visit the dentist for periodic check-ups to make sure the sealant is in perfect contact with the pits and fissures. If not, our dentist will add or replace the area with more sealant to make sure that further decay will not take place in the teeth.

How safe are dental X-rays?
There is very little risk in dental X-rays. Pediatric dentists are especially careful to limit the amount of radiation to which children are exposed.

When is the first permanent molar erupt?
It’s erupt at the age of 6. It is the last tooth in the jaw behind the milky teeth. And it does not replace any milky teeth. Because of early eruption there is a hight risk to get decay, that is why we highly recommend to do the Pits & Fissure sealant at this age.