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Dental Fillings

Every food you eat produces various kinds of acids and chemicals that attack your tooth and create holes in your teeth. These are commonly known as dental cavities, tooth decay, and dental caries. As time passes by, these cavities become larger and deeper damaging the teeth. At this juncture, food  might get deposited in these cavities and create an infection causing pain and further damage to the teeth. This is when dental fillings are done and they prevent further damage to the teeth caused by cavities. Here at Dr. Ehab’s Dental Clinic in Dubai, we offer a wide plethora of dental fillings using various materials and equipments. Every cavity is unique in nature and as such each type of filling will have its merits and demerits and as such the best solution for your particular case is chosen by our dentists after proper discussion with you.

Common methods of dental fillings are silver amalgam fillings and composite fillings. Amalgam fillings are stronger, long lasting & cheaper but it may create minor problems sometimes as it contains mercury. On the other hand, composite fillings are costlier but they are less noticeable when compared to amalgam fillings.

dfAs the first step of dental filling, our dentist in Dubai will give you local anaesthesia to eliminate pain and discomfort during the filling process. Next, the dentist places a rubber dam which is nothing other than a thin rubber piece which is places comfortably around the teeth in your mouth.

The process of a dental filling involves removing the decay from the affected teeth. For this purpose, at our dental clinic, we use several equipments and tools which include a high speed hand piece, tweezers, a dental mirror and many others. At the last step, our dentist will place a material called a matrix band which is a piece of specially constructed metal band around your teeth. After placing the matrix band, either amalgam or composite filling is done.

Here at Dr. Ehab’s Dental Clinic, dental filling is done professionally with care and accuracy using some of the best tools and materials available in the market. If you have any dental cavity problems, you must not hesitate to fix it.

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