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Digital Dental X-ray Radiology

shutterstock_228026632Digital Dental X-rays are none other but some procedures of imaging test based on principles of Radiology which are employed to analyse and detect the problems of your teeth. Usually, dentists observe the patient’s teeth by a physical examination and can detect most common problems of the teeth. However, in certain cases like infections and tooth decay can only be properly recognised  after going deeper to the teeth which cannot be done by a physical examination and hence, emerges the necessity of a method which can show them the deeper view of the teeth. Digital Dental X-ray is one such method that can be employed to analyse the deeper view of the teeth.

How Digital Dental X-ray works?

Generally, Digital Dental X-ray involves the passing of a certain radiation that easily passes through the gums of the teeth and creates accurate images of the teeth on films. These films are generally referred as Radiographs. The Digital Dental X-rays which are sent to the mouth are absorbed by the tissues of the gum. But the intensity of absorbing of the rays is not equal in all tissues. Some tissues along with the denser components of the mouth absorbs more than the other components in the mouth. As a result of this, on radiograph we get darker patches of the tooth decay & cavity and light shades of the teeth. These images on the radiograph are then used by the dentist to analyse and detect the problem of the patient’s teeth.

How safe Digital Dental X-rays are?

Digital Dental X-rays are relatively much safer than conventional X-ray units. However, there always involves a small risk of harmful effects due to the exposure of the teeth and mouth to radiation in the form of X-rays. This is where the state of the art, specialised digital X-ray units used in our Dental clinic comes in to the foray. The equipments used in our clinic are the most modern and top of the range that they GUARANTEE 95% less radiation than conventional dental x-ray units.

Here at Dr. Ehab’s  Dental Clinic, Dubai we give the topmost priority for the health and safety of our patients and as such as we make sure we are always updated with the latest tools, techniques and equipments available on the market for the best results of your dental treatment.

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