A Dental bridge is a set of three or more dental crowns attached to the neighbouring tooth of a missing tooth. Dental bridges are extremely helpful in replacing missing teeth and a relatively common dental procedures. At Dr. Ehab’s Dental clinic, we have specialist dentists (prosthodontists) who perform the procedure.

Usually, the dental bridge is done in three appointments by our dentists. In the first appointment, our dentist will properly analyse & observe the tooth to be replaced with the help of X-rays. After this, our dentist will make up the necessary casts of the particular tooth. Once decided that the tooth needs dental bridgework, it may require some additional treatment before proceeding to the actual procedure. It may involve anything from a filling to root canal treatment depending upon the exact condition of the tooth. If the broken tooth is not strong enough to hold the bridge then certain pre-bridge procure may be followed like building a new foundation called “core”. Along with this core certain material called post can be placed in the root canal by our dentist. It will help your dentist to perform the dental bridge procedure more effectively.

The second appointment consists of the intermediate part of the dental bridge procedure. In this appointment, our dentist will apply anaesthesia to the tooth and will take the moulds of the tooth to produce an exact replica of the tooth. This appointment may also involve reshaping of your tooth by our dentist. After taking the mould, the tooth will be manufactured exactly as per the instructions to fit your needs. The dentist may place a temporary bridge on the tooth so that it can be saved from problems during the period between second and third appointment. Usually, this time lasts for around a week.

The third appointment will consist of the main part of the dental bridge procedure. At this appointment, our dentist will apply anaesthesia to the tooth and will remove the temporary bridge. After that he will properly clean the tooth and he will cement the new bridge on the tooth. The bridge will be adjusted according to yours as well as our dentist’s opinion.