Dental Crown in Dubai – Dental Bridge in Duba

Dental crown is a method to save one’s teeth by placing a tooth shaped cap over the tooth. Tooth crowns help in restoring the strength, size and its appearance. The necessity of dental crowns mainly arises when any tooth becomes so weak that it may break at any moment due to various reasons. Dental Crowns are custom designed and manufactured to suit the exact tooth structure and blends in with your natural teeth.

In our clinic, many kinds of dental crowns are available which includes  Porcelain fused to (precious/semi-precious) metal crowns, Full ceramic crowns, Impress Crown etc. There are several steps that comprise the whole task of crowning of teeth. Usually, in our dental clinic we do it in two appointments.

In the first appointment, the teeth are properly examined. After this process, our dentist analyse the reports very thoroughly and then decides on the next step. If the teeth of the patient are extremely injured or decayed then root canal treatment is performed. Likewise, dentists perform various basic treatments to the teeth according to the problem identified. Just after this step, the dentist begins the process of crowning by applying anaesthesia to the teeth as well as the gum tissues and reshapes the teeth.  He then uses a paste to get the impression of the teeth of the person which is then used to manufacture the exact replica crown for the person’s teeth in a dental laboratory. During this visit, the doctor applies or places a temporary crown around the teeth to prevent it from any damage in between the first and second appointment.

Dental Crown in Dubai

In the second visit, your dentist removes the temporary crown & applies anaesthesia to the teeth. And then he places the permanent crown and cements it over the teeth permanently.

The dental crowns placed at our clinic can last for a very long period of time provided proper and regular care of the teeth is taken. The care of teeth for dental crown includes avoiding hard, sticky or chewy foods. We are one of the most trusted dental clinics with proven track record and doctors specializing (prosthodontist) in the procedure. If you have any dental problems please feel free to approach to the best dentist in Dubai.