Are you looking for a non-metallic crown that can give the perfect natural look to your teeth but have not found one yet? Here at Dr. Ehab’s Dental Clinic, we have a variety of full ceramic crowns which are very effective in providing perfectly natural look to your teeth. One such is the IPS Empress Crown. The IPS Empress crown is more like a glass rather than porcelain. Our dentists are specially trained in IPS Empress Techniques and can fix the crowns on your teeth very precisely.

The procedure usually takes about two appointments. In the first appointment, our leading dentist will take an exact measurement of your tooth and the exact bite of the tooth using a piece of wax block and also a few other measurements that include taking the measurement of the relative distance of each tooth from one another and also the measurement of the jaw. After taking all the measurements, our dental laboratory manufactures an exact replica of your tooth using IPS Empress Materials. To protect the teeth from any damage in the mean-time, he places a temporary crowns on the teeth.

The second appointment involves removing the temporary crown and cementing the permanent IPS Empress Crown using specially made dental cements specific to the purpose.

The life span of the IPS Empress Crown depends on the care given to it. On a normal case scenario, they last for about 15 years to a lifetime. The IPS Empress Dental Crown placed in our clinic gives you your perfect natural smile back.