Dental onlays & inlays can be referred to as a medium between dental fillings and dental crowns. They are usually used when more than a third of the tooth structure is damaged. It can also be helpful during fixing fractured teeth. At Dr. Ehab’s Dental Clinic, we use dental onlays & inlays which are made of porcelain. Our onlays and inlays are custom made and look much more natural than that of other services of the same type.

The dental onlays and inlays are usually placed around the cusps of the teeth. With the onlays & inlays done in our clinic, you can have natural smile for decades & we can also assure that it will last much longer than conventional fillings.

The process of placing onlays and inlays around one’s teeth is usually done in our clinic in two appointments. In the first appointment, our best dentists will remove the damaged part of the teeth. The dentist then perform a few procedures to make sure that the damaged part of the teeth is in proper shape so that the onlays and inlays will stick properly to the teeth. During the process, an impression on your tooth is taken which is used to construct the onlays and inlays in a dental laboratory.

In the second appointment, our dentist will place the specially constructed onlay/inlay to the damaged part of your teeth and glue it there using special dental cememts. Voila!! Even you yourself won’t be able to find the difference between the tooth and the onlay/inlay.