What you should know about Teeth Whitening and Home Bleaching

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teeth whitening dubaiWhat you should know about teeth Whitening!? 

The method used for bleaching teeth in the office depend on whether your teeth have undergone root canal therapy. Teeth that have received this treatment are termed nonvital because they have had the nerves removed. If you’ve never had root canal therapy: The dentist will isolate the teeth being treated,which protects the gums from discomfort and irritation. The outside of the teeth will be coated with a chemical solution and may be exposed to heat or light for about 20-30 mints. If you have received root canal therapy: The root canal will be reopened, a bleaching solution placed inside, and the canal resealed with the temporary feeling. Heat or light can be used at the dental office to accelerate the whitening process. The bleaching agent will be removed when you and your dentist determine that you’ve achieved the desired tooth shade.

lLet your dentist do the bleaching! In- office teeth whitening is the most effective way of lightening your teeth because the agents are stronger and the procedures more controlled compared with using over-the-counter teeth whitening kit. But in any case it is always possible to do Home Teeth whitening. Bring bleaching home with you! Our dentist can provide you with a customized professional bleaching kit which you can use at home. This is often called home bleaching, matrix bleaching, or night guard vital teeth whitening. In addition, over-the -counter bleaching kits can be great tools for maintaining or touching up the new smile you achieved using before the professional bleaching. Definitely, the dentist will help you to choose the product which fits your needs.

Post dental care of Teeth Whitening: Brush thoroughly after the meal to remove the plaque, as well as after smoking and stain-causing food (coffee or tea), Have a professional cleaning 2-3 times  per year.



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