Why you should choose Custom-fitted Teeth Whitening Trays

Teeth whitening is the most effective smile makeover treatment that generates quick results. Teeth whitening methods are designed to help you get a flawless bright smile that is not possible through home-made remedies or conventional whitening methods. If you are looking to find a reliable and effective teeth whitening solution then you may find teeth whitening tray-based systems helpful for your specific teeth whitening needs.

What exactly is a tray-based teeth whitening system

Teeth whitening trays are designed to ensure that the whitening gel remains on the surface of the teeth during the whitening process for appropriate amount of time. Custom-fitted teeth whitening trays are designed based on your specific teeth measurements to give you customized solution for teeth whitening.

Why choose custom-fitted teeth whitening trays

Custom fitted teeth whitening trays make sure that the gel stays in contact with the surface of the teeth for an effective result. Without the custom fitted whitening trays it is impossible to keep the gel intact with the surface of the tooth and generate the results that you want to see.

Custom-fitted trays have myriad benefits, some of which include:

  • Cost-savings
  • Customized teeth whitening solution
  • Lasting results

Custom-fitted trays ensure maximum gel coverage that is necessary for the treatment to reap successful results.

The process

Teeth whitening trays can be custom-made within a period of two weeks. You can also purchase teeth whitening tray from your local dentist’s office. Generally, in order to receive custom-made teeth whitening trays you need to visit your dentist’s office where the dentist will take dental impressions of your teeth. These impressions will then be sent to the lab for the creation of custom-fitted whitening trays. This will take about 2 weeks after which your dentist will help you further with the process.

Once you have your teeth whitening tray, your dentist will apply carbamide peroxide whitening gel on the inner surface of the train where it will save for couple of hours during the day. You can also keep it overnight for best results but that will depend on the type of things you have. Your dental specialist will first conduct an oral examination to understand the strength of the stains in order to make an effective decision regarding the process.

On average, patients with normal staying have to wear the tray for a week. Individuals with some severe stains may have to wear them for 20 or more days. The treatment can elongate depending on your daily Lifestyle habits. If you smoke or drink a lot it may hinder the whitening process.

Final thoughts:

Teeth whitening is essential for those who struggle with Teeth stains caused by tea coffee or other factors including generics. When these stains become hard to eradicate through toothpaste or natural home treatments, it becomes crucial to try cosmetic dental treatments. Custom-fitted trays are by far the most effective and affordable treatments in teeth whitening. If you are looking for a permanent teeth whitening solution then try a custom-fitted tray whitening system and get rid of stubborn stains that impact your self-esteem.